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Diversity Hiring Expos.com specializes in diversity, Veteran, bilingual and multicultural career fairs. We are committed to providing the most effective face to face means of recruiting all professional, Veterans, multicultural candidates and college grads in our industry.

ALL PROFESSIONAL CANDIDATES ARE INVITED including African Americans, Bilingual and Hispanics, Caucasians, Women, Asian Americans, Veterans, College Students, Recent College Graduates, Alumni, MBA's, PhD's and others. This is your opportunity to meet with top quality employers seeking diversity in professional candidates like you!

Careers are available in Sales (All Types), Social Media, Retail, Green Energy, Energy, Aerospace, HR, Engineering, Project Management, HIT, Healthcare, Banking, IT, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management (All Levels), College Internships, Government Service, Sciences, Technology, Compliance, Logistics, Distribution, Customer Service, Restaurants, Education, Law Enforcement, Entrepreneurs, Claims, Manufacturing, Insurance, Military, Consulting, Safety Compliance, TV Production, Management Trainees (Entry Level),Programmers, System Software Analysts, Financial Analyst, Database Administrators, Automation Engineers, Internet Architects, Network Analyst, Drivers, Collections and more.

Participating employers include: Fortune 500 companies, Americas Best Local Businesses, Government Agencies, Education and Non-Profit Groups.

So, whether you're making that first career move, looking for a better job opportunity, or are just ready to re-enter the workforce, don't miss your chance to meet with Americas best employers in your local area!

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